Our Services

Our Services

The main business activity of Baroque Interiors and Events is the design and styling of homes, hotels, restaurants, bars, shops, beauty salons, spas, showrooms and office interiors based on turnkey contracts. By adopting a consulting approach, we begin every assignment by sitting down with our clients to discuss their detailed requirements, and helping them to reach an understanding of a solution regarding their interior style and design expectations.

This method ensures that every solution is highly customized to suit the needs of our clients. We encourage our customers to have an organized and knowledgeable project implementation team that would not only respond to any project requirements on behalf of the client, but that can also perform a close site monitoring and counterpart supervision of the project. This method ensures better coordination of joint efforts between our project team and the customer’s project team.

Interior Concept Design
Furniture layout and 3D visualization
Fit-Out works and shop drawings
BOQ listing and cost estimation
Material selection consultancy
Art and Accessories selection
Installation coordination

The company is also involved in events planning and management. Our major customers are engaged in the real estate, property, hospitality, international finance, venture capital and leasing sectors, and international non-governmental organizations/development agencies that are most able to utilize its high valued services of customized office design solutions. We also work for high net worth private individual customers who want the most exquisite styles and interior designs for their homes and or offices.

Corporate Events Planning & Management Service

Baroque Interiors and Events Plc. also provides top-class corporate events planning and management services for clients. Baroque can plan and manage different types of events from summits and international conferences/meetings, investor’s forums/business conferences, workshops, seminars, cultural shows, special programmes and events, product launching, etc. Baroque Interiors and Event is able to undertake the following tasks and services on behalf of its clients:


Consultation & planning
Set event and program budget
Choose date
Create theme
Select venue
Preparation of program and event brochures
Arrange for the supply and erection of tents, and provision of chairs, tables,
Negotiate with and choose suppliers

Arrange transportation
Book blocks for hotel rooms
Arrange caterer and choose menu
Book entertainment – cultural/dance troupe, arrange for music equipment and/or music provider (musicians or DJ)
Recruitment of events staff and professionals such as translators, interpreters, secretaries, ushers, security personnel, general services, etc.
Arrange for media coverage, advertising and promotion
Arrange for photographers and video coverage to record and document the event

The above services can be provided for any type of social, corporate, industry or special events irrespective of size and location. Contact us for any events you want to organize in Ethiopia or any other country in Africa, Middle-East and Europe.

Event Organization & Management

Zemen Bank Inauguration
Afrikadit Inauguration at Home and Away in Juba, south sudan
Access Investment Forum at Raffles in Dubai
Access Real Estate press release at Sheraton Addis
Jano Band concert at Club H2O

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Baroque Interiors and Events is a new private limited liability company (PLC) that was established in 2011 G.C. Its headquarters is located in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. At Baroque Interiors and Events we value design innovation and artistic creativity.