About Us

About Us

Baroque Interiors and Events is a a well known Private Limited Company (PLC) that was established in 2011 G.C. Its headquarters is located in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

The main business activity of Baroque Interiors and Events is the design and styling of homes, hotels, restaurants, bars, shops, beauty salons, spas, showrooms and office interiors based on turnkey contracts. The company is also involved in events planning and management. Our major customers are engaged in the real estate, property, hospitality, international finance, venture capital and leasing sectors, and international non-governmental organizations/development agencies that are most able to utilize its high valued services of customized office design solutions. We also work for high net worth private individual customers who want the most exquisite styles and interior designs for their homes and or offices. Baroque Interiors and Events works with a team of architects, civil and structural engineers in the building, construction and design trades.

Together with these highly-skilled professionals and other artisans and technicians, Baroque is able to offer highly satisfying work output on any given assignment, including undertaking local and/or foreign sourcing and procurement of valued materials and products on behalf of clients.

At Baroque Interiors and Events we value design innovation and artistic creativity. Even though we are new, we have pioneered a very unique concept in office interior design in Ethiopia. We are able to integrate corporate branding and image into the design and styling of the work place environment of our clients. On any given project, we put the interest of the customer first to ensure that we arrive at a cost-effective and highly satisfying outcome. Everything we do is aimed at adding value whilst delivering project results in order to exceed the expectations of the client.


The General Manager and founder of Baroque Interiors and Events Plc. is Wizero Salome Dagnachew. She is an MBA and an Interior Designer who has many years work experience in the area of procurement, logistics, facilities administration, events management and services. She has worked for Ethiopian Airlines and GTZ-German Technical Cooperation (now GIZ), rising to a senior managerial level in the latter organization.

She gives overall design and artistic direction to the interior design projects and is ably assisted by a committed team of civil/structural engineers, architects and skilled workmen, technicians and artisans.

Salome Dagnachew

In terms of large projects experience, Wizero Salome Dagnachew was actively involved in the German House Complex building project in Addis Ababa. This was a five-year international effort that required the expertise of different local and foreign specialists from Ethiopia, Germany and other European countries. She handled logistics, local and foreign procurement, contracts administration and settlement, site supervision, office space planning and allocation; to mention but a few important responsibilities she had on the project. The project was designed to meet the specific needs of several German international development organizations working in Ethiopia and was completed to the most exacting standards.

With her ample experience, and the help of a committed team, Baroque Interiors and Events promises to cost-effectively assist organizations to exceed their corporate expectations for well-designed interior office spaces that combine unique styles, aesthetics and ergonomics into their work place environments aimed at boosting employee satisfaction, well being and overall company productivity and profits.

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About Us

Baroque Interiors and Events is a new private limited liability company (PLC) that was established in 2011 G.C. Its headquarters is located in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. At Baroque Interiors and Events we value design innovation and artistic creativity.