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Salome Dagnachew || Interior Designer
Baroque Interiors and Events

As the only daughter, Salome grew up in a house full of boys with a mom that was crafty with her hands. The parents were civil servants and the children were always expected to be doing something at home; no one was allowed to be idle. Her parents brought her up to believe she was equal with her brothers and that there was no reason for her to act in any stereotype that females are subservient to males.

This element made her quite assertive in getting what she wanted and pushing forward for what she believed in. She remembers her mom was always creating something out of anything in the home, always concerned with the beauty of the home she grew up in. Salome became interested in the aesthetics and the ergonomic use of space at an early age, fascinated with interiors for as long as she can remember.

Celebrating Our 9th Anniversary

This February is an extraordinary and exciting time of the year as Baroque Interior and Events celebrate its 9th anniversary. It gives my team and me great joy to have come this far in this sector. I have an exceptional place for Interior design, and it puts a broad smile on my face to have been able to practice it for the past nine years.

Ever since I was a child, I was very interested in the way things were designed and organized. Be it in my house or office, and I would often rearrange the furniture set-up or room layout. At first, I taught interior design as just a hobby and not a career path, and I was working in an administration department. But nine years ago, after formally learning interior design from various organizations, I resigned from a very stable job in the corporate world to follow my passion and dream of becoming an interior designer and set up my own office.

Setting up my own office meant giving up the luxury of regular working hours and a steady income. But it was a risk I was willing to take. The first years of setting up an office were tough as I had limited knowledge about government policy, and I was multitasking as the designer, salesperson, driver, secretary etc. It was also a challenge building a creative team with the right skills and talents. Most people might think of interior design as a fancy job where it’s just picking out furniture and colour palette, but it is much greater than that. There are a lot of tedious details that go into it. But seeing the final design output is always worth the hard work.

I have grown both as a person and a designer these past nine years, and I am happy about the decision I made nine years ago. Anyone wanting to start up their own business, take the risk and follow your passion, make a decision you won’t regret!

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Baroque Interiors and Events is a new private limited liability company (PLC) that was established in 2011 G.C. Its headquarters is located in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. At Baroque Interiors and Events we value design innovation and artistic creativity.